TRIED & TESTED: Action – Make-Up Remover

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The Make-Up Eraser is hands-down the most lifechanging product that I’ve tried this year. But since I want to use it every day, it comes at a cost. And since I’m not willing to get that #spendy, I looked for more budget-friendly alternatives instead. Enter the Make-Up Remover I found at Action.

Action doesn’t get points for creativity here: they clearly made a knock-off of the original Make-Up Eraser. Even the Make-Up Remover‘s name feels pretty uninspired. But the fact that it delivers the same results for a fraction of the price makes up for it.


The product

Action’s Make-Up Remover is a light pink cloth that removes your make-up using only water. When I first found out about this concept, it baffled me. I was convinced it wouldn’t get rid of absolutely everything. But, the original Make-Up Eraser proved me wrong and got me hooked.

Hooked enough to want to use it every day, but I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune on ten Make-Up Erasers. And that’s where the Make-Up Remover by Action came in. It feels slightly more flimsy, and the pockets you can put over your fingers in don’t really have any added value, but at only € 0,89 I can totally see past that.


The review

This works. Just add water and this magic cloth takes off all your make-up – just as well as the Make-Up Eraser does. I’ve found that washing these makes them slightly less soft, but even after using them multiple times, they’re still intact.

Every time I shop at Action now (which is more than I’d like to admit), I pick up an extra two or three of these wipes so that I’ll never run out when they’re in the wash. I think my collection is adding up to about twenty new. Whoops.

Are they as good as the Make-Up Eraser? No. The quality isn’t as nice. But I will buy these over the Make-Up Eraser in the heartbeat. They’ve changed my routine completely and I can tell my skin is feelin’ good about it.


The price

The Make-Up Remover is available at Action for € 0,89 apiece.

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