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While I use micellar water on a daily basis, I’m a big fan of make-up wipes when I’m feeling sluggish. One big downfall? You use ’em once and it’s bye-bye forever. Enter the Make-up Eraser: an absolute gamechanger in my skincare routine.


The product

Refuse single-use: beauty edition! This bright pink and fuzzy cloth is here to take all your make-up troubles away. All you need is the Make-up Eraser and water. Yup, that’s all.


I was a little skeptic when I first used this cloth: how is that just water can effectively remover all my make-up? A little birdy (Google) told me that it’s all in the fibers. They’re hairlike and supertiny, allowing them to grasp onto make-up and pull everything off. You need to wash this before the first use and after every use. There’s a side that removes make-up and a side that is supposed to exfoliate – tbh, I can’t really tell the difference.


The review

It sounds like science fiction but it works absolute wonders. I’ve added this to my skincare routine and can’t imagine life without it. It’s so easy and mess-free to just wet the cloth, swipe for 20 seconds and be done with it. I do still follow up with one cotton pad and micellar water, but more often than not, there’s absolutely no need to. The cotton pad stays clean. I’ve tried this on heavier make-up days, too, and it gets rid of everything: from heavy-duty primer to thick coats of mascara.

The downside? You’ll want to use this every day and since you need to wash it every time you use it, so a stockpile of these will come in handy – and they’re not cheap. The patented polyester technology makes this one super effective, but I’ve found plenty of more affordable dupes (more on that soon!) which is why I now own one ‘real’ one and a handful of ‘fake’ ones. Ideally, I’d love to have more of these (they even do a smaller one and have different shades), but it’s quite the investment. On the other hand, it will last you for ages.

The price

The Make-up Eraser retails for $20/€20. Find it online and have it delivered to your doorstep to start living that easy peasy life.

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9 thoughts on “TRIED & TESTED: Make-up Eraser

  1. Hoi Martine, al meer dan een jaar geleden gok ik reviewde ik een gelijkaardig product maar dan van de Action voor dus nog geen 20ste van de prijs die je nu betaalt voor zo’n Makeup Eraser. Voordeel is dus niet alleen het prijskaartje, maar dit roze doekje van de Action (ze verkopen het nog steeds!) doet echt exact hetzelfde en werkt alsof het magie is, misschien eens de moeite om deze ook uit te proberen? Voor 0,82 cent denk ik dat het wel een poging waard is wanneer jouw Makeup Eraser in de was is, toch? 😀

    Liefs Romy


    1. Hi Romy! Yes, die van de Action gebruik ik nu dagelijks wanneer de echte in de was zit! Schrijf er binnenkort ook een review over. Ben gisteren nog geweest om er een paar bij te lopen, maar ze hadden ze opeens niet meer. Hopelijk zijn ze snelt terug!

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