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NGL, autumn is my favourite time of year and although it’s technically still September, I already have the feels. Whenever Zoella starts whipping out the knitted jumpers and the B&BW candles (which she recently did) (they’re are also my weakness, tbh), it’s my unofficial sign that autumn is coming. And that it’s time to finally review the Zoella Beauty products that I bought in Brighton last year. So, here goes.

Quick disclaimer: I feel like reviewing bath products is kinda like reviewing perfumes. Since there isn’t a lot to show you, I suck at it. Nevertheless, we shall persist.


The product

I brought home three bath products by Zoella BeautyZoe Sugg‘s lifestyle/beauty brand. Hence, you can expect products to be pretty, cute and overly sweet. Right up my alley.


The review

Zoella Beauty Bath Frosting is a bath milk powder that comes in a cute cardboard cylinder stuffed with individual sachets. Whenever you fancy somethin’ fancy, you put one in the water and watch the powder dissolve. No magical bubbles here, but milky bath water with a subtle scent.


Scooper Dooper is my personal favourite out of the three. This foaming bath soak gives you the biggest bubbles and I like that you get to scoop out the exact amount you want – for minimal of maximal effect. The tub isn’t that hygienic, but well, worse things have happened.


Last but not least: Soak Opera. I can appreciate a good pun. This bath & shower cream comes in a nifty bottle and produces bubbles with a candylike scent. I don’t really see how you’d use this in the shower except for as a body wash, which I wouldn’t recommend. I like the packaging better than the Scooper Dooper’s, but the bubbles just aren’t as good.

The price

If you’re interested in trying Zoella Beauty, have a look at the drugstore, Feelunique, or Di if you live in Belgium. I’m having a hard time finding the exact price of these products, but overall, the brand is pretty affordable and has cute things, for gifting to yourself or anyone else.

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