TRIED & TESTED: Lulu Nature – Reusable Bamboo Make-up Remover Pads

I’m alive and kicking and ready to introduce you one of my favourite beauty finds of 2020: the reusable bamboo make-up remover pads by Lulu Nature.

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I had been thinking about purchasing reusable make-up remover pads for a while (since I love the reusable Make-Up Eraser and it’s more budget-friendly dupe available at Action), but never made the plunge. It was my sister Anne who very kindly gifted me these reusable ones by Lulu Nature – last Christmas, I think? God, even in this hell-hole of a year, time flies.

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The product

So time for a review! These came in a pack of 12 pads made of 80% bamboo and 20% polyester – made in France, oui.  Different from the make-up eraser cloths I mentioned earlier, these don’t work using just water. I use this in combination with Bioderma Sensibio H2O micellar water to cleanse my skin in the morning and at night time.

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The review

And they work well! They’re easy to use and don’t irritate my skin. I don’t love these for taking make-up off because I feel like the texture of the material is a little bit too rough to soak off mascara. I find that I lose a couple of eyelashes when I do – something that I barely experience when I use the make-up eraser cloths. For a quick cleanse using micellar water, these are perfect though. Quick, easy and durable: the way I like my beauty products in 2020.

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Once used, I leave these out to dry and once a week, I toss ’em all in the washing machine (in a separate washing bag so I don’t lose any)  at 60°C together with my towels. Afterwards, I do put these in the drier – but they do kinda tend to bunch op in there, so I leave them out to air-dry completely.

After using these for almost a year, I can honestly say that they hold up well even when washed weekly – and I strongly recommend everyone to give reusable make-up remover pads a try.

The price

I’m not exactly sure where my sister got these specific ones, but you can find them here on Amazon (€ 7,99 for a pack of 12). If you’d like ordering from, these look pretty similar and these look like a good bamboo option, too.

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