MASK MONDAY: Tonymoly – I’m Real Avocado Mask

TonyMoly I'm Real Avocado Mask Sheet Nutrition | Beauty Review |

It all starts with a good base. Hence, when I’m looking for a good face mask, I want a product that works. Is Tonymoly’s I’m Real Avocado Mask Nutrition up for the job? Read on to find out.

The product

Tonymoly is known for its cute-ass face masks in their cute-ass packaging. Though  they always look very similar, every mask has its main ingredient on the front. In this case? An avocado, promising to provide nutrition to skin in need.

Also, please notice my highly relevant props in the background.

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The review

As with all Tonymoly sheet masks, the sheet itself is soft and flexible – but you need to be careful not to tug on it too hard or you’ll break it. It’s soaked in product: a clear gel that doesn’t really smell like anything.

I left this on for the advised 20 minutes. It feels cold and wet throughout but in a refreshing, pampering way. After 20 minutes you can massage the rest of the product into your skin, but there’s always a lot of it left so I end up massaging it into my neck, arms and sometimes even legs, too. Using every last drop!

My skin feels supple and soft, but not dramatically different. I like these as a quick-pick-me-up, but if you try these, it’s best not to expect absolute miracles. The experience of it (especially if you do a sheet-mask-group-hang-kinda-thing like I did) is probably the best part.

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The price

Tonymoly sheet masks are usually around € 3 – 5, depending on where you buy them and how many you get. It’s worth having a look online to see which shop offers the best deals.

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