TRIED & TESTED: Tarte – Tartelette Flirt

If you’ve read my review of the Tartelette in Bloom palette by Tarte, you know the brand holds a special place in my heart. I love the palette, but it might be a little too big to travel with since a fuss-free vacation only needs a handful of shades. Enter the Tartelette Flirt palette.


I went to NYC 1,5 years ago (yeez, it’s been that long huh) and went a little overboard with a beauty haul, make-up haul and a Bath & Body Works haul. Foreign beauty shopping brings out the worst in me. To minimize the damage, I did most of my Sephora shopping in the checkout aisle. A personal heaven and hell for me (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), since it allows you to try new products at a fraction of the size, but since it makes you want to buy everything,… well, let’s just say it adds up.


The product

Onto business. The Tarte Tartelette Flirt palette comes with six shades: Gaze, Touch, Hotline, Playful, Passion and Snuggle. I like how it has both matte and shimmery shades, but I do think Hotline and Playful are too similar for a palette that only holds six shades. I would’ve preferred seeing a darker shade like black or a deep burgundy, so I could use it as an eyeliner.


The review

Nevertheless, the pigmentation is good. The matte ones have power but are still easy to blend, and the shimmery shades are full, bright and buttery smooth. Just the way I like it.


Minimal size, maximum impact, tho. This little one delivers, from subtle to glam.


The price

I bought this one at Sephora in NYC for $ 26, and I see it’s € 20,95 in Sephora’s in Europe.

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