FRIDAY FAVOURITE: Lush – Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion | Beauty Review |

Sad but true: finally being able to catch some zzz’s is probably one of the highlights of my day. Especially since I started using Lush Sleepy body lotion at night time.

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The product

According to Lush, Sleepy is a lovely body lotion that is both rich and soothing. It’s infused with comforting ingredients like oatmeal, cocoa butter, jojoba oil and almond oil. But the scent is probably my favourite part. It smells of calming lavender and tonka absolute and – spoiler alert – absolutely I love it.

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The review

I can’t tell you how nourishing Lush Sleep body lotion is, because that’s not what I use it for. I only have a small 95 gr jar and I want to make the most of it. Instead, I dab this on my wrists before I go to sleep. That way, I can smell the calming lavender as I drift off. It’s the best thing ever and it just makes falling asleep that much more relaxing.

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It’s a nice shade of light purple and it absorbs into the skin super quickly, especially for a product with heavier oils.

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The price

Lush is fun and adventurous and I love how it sources natural ingredients, but all of that doesn’t come cheap. A 95 gr jar comes retails for £ 9/€ 12,50, which I find expensive – but worth it if you use it sparingly like I do. If you like the scent of Sleepy, you’ll like Lush’s Twilight range as well. I’m eager to try the body spray next.

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