FRIDAY FAVOURITE: Real Techniques – Expert Concealer Brush

Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush | Beauty Review |

Your #FOTD can only be as good as your tools are. Let me help you out with the latter by introducing you to one of my all-time favorites.


The product

I’m in love love love with Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but for smaller areas, it just won’t do. I trust the brand’s Expert Concealer Brush to get the job done.


The review

It’s small and sturdy, yet soft enough for the undereye area. I use this to blend in concealer around my eyes after dotting it on – and it works magic. It’s good for the eyebrow area and the edges of your nose, too.


Small, effective and at a less than € 10 –  it’s affordable, too. One downside? I find that this one – just like the Expert Face Brush – is a tough one to clean. Even after a couple of cycles and a more-than-generous amount of baby shampoo, I still see product residue at the base of the bristles.

The price

Real Techniques’ Expert Concealer Brush retails for € 9,99.

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