TRIED & TESTED: Weleda – Gentle Cleansing Foam

Whether you cleanse or double cleanse, a cleansing foam is always a good idea. I put Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Foam to the test.


The product

Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Foam (Milde Reinigingsmousse for the Dutch-speaking readers!) is designed to give your skin a thorough cleanse without drying it out. The vegan formula contains mild ingredients from plant origins, topped off with hazel extract to leave skin feeling refreshed and soft.


The review

One thing I love about this product: the packaging. While not the most beautiful one out there, the pump bottle is both practical and hygienic. The foam itself is white in colour , airy and feels refreshing on the skin. I apply this to my wet face, massage it in for a minute and rinse it off in no-time. My skin feels clean but not too dry – impressive, since I was a bit worried about the second ingredient in the list being alcohol.


One thing I didn’t love as much, is the scent. It’s not terrible and overwhelming, it just didn’t need to be there for me. I prefer products like this to be unscented. Yet overall, I’m happy I discovered this product. I use this on a regular basis and plan to do so until it runs out. One bottle contains 150 ml, which doesn’t feel like a lot, but the foam pump ensures it lasts for ages.

Pricing & Availability

Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Foam / Milde Reinigingsmousse retails for € 11,49 (150 ml).

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