TRIED & TESTED: Kneipp – Cherry Blossom

Looking to add a cheerful note to your everyday routine? Look no further than Kneipp’s new Cherry Blossom range: a collection of vivid pinks and floral perfumes that instantly brighten your mood.


If you’re into Lush-like scents, but don’t fancy using a bath bomb on the regular, Kneipp’s new Cherry Blossom range might be the one for you. This collection includes a ginormous tub of bath crystals, a caring hand cream, a spray body lotion and a shower foam (not pictured here – I received it after I took these).


Formulated with rice germ oil and cherry blossom (duh), these products hit the sweet spot. The floral perfume is captivating but doesn’t overwhelm, making it the ideal blend for uplifting day-to-day use. The hand cream comes in a nifty tube and does the job: it hydrates and leaves my hands thoroughly nourished, but you do need to be careful not to use too much.


Their spray body lotion is formulated to be easy-peasy: spray from an arm’s length, rub it in and be good to go in no time. It does deliver, but you need to be careful not to spray the entire bathroom floor. For that reason, I find it easier to spray this into my hand and then apply it to my skin. Which works – but it does kinda defeat the purpose.


The bath crystals kinda take me back to the Nineties – but in a good way. These turn your bathwater slightly pink and leave it slightly fragrant, but I don’t notice a difference in my skin when using them. They’re a fun add-on to the collection, but not a must-have per se.

Also, not pictured: Kneipp’s Cherry Blossom shower foam. Formula-wise, it’s very similar to one of my all-time favourite Kneipp products, so I knew I’d like this one. It feels thick, foamy and luxurious and I love the scent . Will be both happy and sad to use this one till it’s completely finished.

Pricing & Availability

Kneipp is available at the drugstore and some supermarkets.

  • Kneipp Cherry Blossom Shower Foam (200 ml) – € 7,99
  • Kneipp Bath Crystals (500 gr) – € 8,49
  • Kneipp Cherry Blossom Spray Body Lotion (200 ml) – € 9,99
  • Kneipp Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (75 ml) – € 6,49

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