HAUL: Estée Lauder Company Store - part 3

You’re from Belgium and you haven’t heard of the Estée Lauder Company Store? Boy, you’re out of luck. This little gem based in Oevel, close to Estée Lauder’s EMEA hub, is a beauty lover’s dream. I returned for the third (!) ELCS haul you’ll read on this blog.

Curious? Find part 1 and part 2 here (in Dutch, soz). The third time around, there wasn’t really anything that I needed, but it never hurts to snoop around. Sometimes the Estée Lauder Company Store is filled with amazing products on mega-sale in my exact shade, sometimes it isn’t. This time was one of the latter. Hence, I only took two items home with me. (You could call this self-control but seeing as I didn’t need-need these either, well.)

First thing’s first: M.A.C Cosmetics Fix+. This is a repurchase since I use this setting spray pretty much every time I use some kind of foundation/powder/concealer. I love this stuff: it’s clean, simple and - compared to the normal price of € 18 - this one only set me back € 10,80 (- 40%!).

The reason? The little dent in the packaging. The actual product is completely fine, the ‘damaged’ packaging is the only reason this one found its way to the Company Store. In addition to this, the store also sells older collections and limited editions.

My next and final purchase was this skincare set by Estée Lauder that promises you’ll wake up with ‘more youthful, radiant-looking skin’. I was originally in the market for the Advanced Night Repair serum (a tried-and-true favorite), but upon comparing price per ml, this set was actually less expensive than if I’d just bought a 30 ml bottle on its own. Winnin’.

The set contains travel size versions of Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam, Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules, Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex and a full size (30 ml) bottle of Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II - all for € 45,60 (original price is € 76 - a 40% discount).

As always, I got some freebies. A slightly odd-sized make-up bag by M.A.C Cosmetics, a sample of Clinique’s Moister Surge and a Pure Color Ridge Filler by Estée Lauder.

If you happen to be from Belgium and you’re on the lookout for good quality products at a significant discount, the Estée Lauder Company Store is definitely worth a visit. Invitations aren’t easy to come by (and don’t try going without one), but it might be worth checking with friends or family if they’re one of the lucky ones and if you can join them on their next trip.

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