FRIDAY FAVOURITE: Refectocil – Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint

I’d love to be into the minimal make-up look, but sometimes my face just needs the added layers. One thing that helps me keeps the number of products on my face to an almost-bare-minimum is Refectocil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint a.k.a. my new favorite eyebrow thing. Ever.


Tbh, dyeing my eyebrows scared the heebie-jeebies outta me for a couple of years. I had this friend that told me her mom used to dye her eyebrows and I just imagined that it would only end up in utter disaster. Little did I know that dyeing your eyebrows – while life-changing for me – isn’t that invasive at all.


The product

I use RefectoCil to get the job done: a brand that is known and loved for its ease of use and natural results. I did my fair share of research before buying these and ended up getting four products: two tints, one skin protector and an oxidant cream.


According to some reviews found on Google, 3.1 would be the shade for me. It’s recommended for brunettes, but it isn’t too warm or dark.


I also got the slightly darker version 3. Initially, I thought I could use this to dye my eyelashes, but since they’re already pretty dark, I haven’t felt the need. I do end up mixing this in with 3.1 sometimes, just to intensify the look.


The Skin Protection Cream & eye Mask is used to protect areas that you don’t want to be colored. It prevents the tint from adhering to your skin and can also be used as an eye mask – which I didn’t try because I feel like I have more targeted products for that. It does what it says, but I feel like you don’t need-need this one. It’s the most expensive one of the bunch and it can easily be switched out for Vaseline.

The Oxidant 3% 10vol. Cream (it’s also available as a Liquid) is used to activate the tint. You need-need this one for the dye to work.


Not the best shot, but this is what the dye looks like once you’ve mixed the tint and the oxidant. It is said you need about 1 cm of eyebrow tint and 15 to 20 drops of the cream. However, a little goes a long way. This is 0,5 cm of product and about 10 drops of the oxidant and, at least for me, it’s more than enough for both brows.


The review

I use micellar water to make sure my brows are clean before use. I follow up with the Skin Protection Cream and use a clean cotton swab to frame my brows – ensuring the dye won’t work on the skin surrounding my eyebrows.

I mix the eyebrow tint with the oxidant and apply this using an angled eyeliner brush. I work my way from the end to the start of my brows. That way, the ends will have darkened more than the beginnings, allowing for a more natural look. After 8 to 10 minutes, I wipe away the product using a clean cotton pad. All done!

Refectocil tints my brow hairs and the skin underneath them. Although the effect on the skin only lasts for a couple of days, it allows me to go make-up free for at least five days. After, I still like to use a tinted brow gel to give my brows a fuller look.

I use Refectocil about once every three weeks. In the meanwhile, my hairs stay tinted and leave me feeling less ‘naked’ when I’m not wearing make-up. I’m officially over my fears of dyeing my brows and will continue to use this for a long, looong time.

The Price

I bought these products from Kapperskorting for € 4,26 (the Eyelash and Eyebrow Tints), € 5,40 (the Oxidant 3% 10vol. cream) and € 6,57 (the Skin Protection Cream & Eye Mask) excl. BTW. I love that a little goes a long way – making its cost-per-use next to nothing.

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