TRIED & TESTED: Glossier – Lash Slick

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Glossier’s all ‘skin first, make-up second’ – a mantra to live by, but when the brand launched their first mascara, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Meet their film form mascara in the millennial-pink tube: Lash Slick.


First things first: Glossier’s a major buzzkill when it comes to international shipping. To put it on other words: their policy of only shipping to the U.S., U.K., Canada, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and France kinda stinks. While it’s improving (meaning they’re expanding at the slowest rate known to man) there are still plenty beauty enthusiasts struggling to get their hands on those infamous pink pouches. Step up your game, Glossier.


The product

Luckily, I was able to persuade my sister to bring me some things from France. One thing I had my eye on was Lash Slick, the brand’s first-ever mascara. It promises to be ‘the perfect everyday mascara‘, while curling, lengthening and sculpting – whatever that may mean. The product is filled with tiny fibers that should extend lashes and hold a curl all day. The film form mascara is water-resistant – not to be confused with waterproof – but you should be able to remove it with just water. I’m curious how that works.


The review

Packaging? Cute. Brush? Straight, pointy bristles, just the way I like it. Formula? Honestly, not my favorite. While I usually love this kind of brushes, I feel like the product and the brush aren’t a great match. It takes me ages to build and layer the mascara to the point I like it. My trusty CoverGirl mascara’s give me more bang for my buck in just one coat. Another thing I didn’t like about Lash Slick is that I feel like their teensy-tiny fibers keep getting into my eyes.

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Nevertheless, it isn’t all bad. While this isn’t the look I usually go for, it is natural – exactly what it said to be. If you’re into this look, it could be a great match for you. I did end up using this for the full three months that is recommended (okay, four) and the formula didn’t go bad or get weird. Plus, it does come off easily (although I did just use micellar water – didn’t feel like rubbing my eyelids just for the sake of using water). It’s not bad, but for the price, I think there are better ones out there. Keep your eyes peeled! (Or, you know, have a look right here.)


The price

Lash Slick film form mascara is available at Glossier (or not, depending on where you live) and retails for $ 16/€ 16 (0.29 oz/8.5 g).

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