TRIED & TESTED: Rituals – The Ritual of Happy Buddha

Rituals The Ritual of Happy Buddha Collection | Beauty Review |

If there’s any collection that can put a smile on your face… Ritual’s Happy Buddha line oughtta do it.


Welcome to the land of bold colours and a lovely, not your run-of-the-mill citrus scent. From shower oils to house perfume: Rituals’ new The Ritual of Happy Buddha collection has it all.


Inspired by the ancient Laughing Buddha, this Rituals line is meant to put a smile on your face. Its signature sweet orange and cedarwood perfume does just that. This Fortune Shower Oil is one of the first products I’ve tried from this range – and while I normally prefer shower mousses to shower oils, I was happy using this one.


I loved using this Jolly Hand Balm. I’ve had it by my sink for a while now, next to the range’s Happy Hands Hand Wash (not pictured here). There’s something about having a matching hand soap and hand cream – it makes me feel like I have my shit together even when I really don’t. An added bonus of this duo? It leaves your hands feeling clean, soft and smelling like Cointreau. Love.


A house perfume is a must for me. While I don’t use it on a daily basis, I love spraying some of this stuff around the house whenever we have people over. Because we own a cat and a dog, I’m always kinda worried our house will smell a little too animal-ish, but this one fixes that in no-time.


Props for the alliteration(s) in the Buddha Belly Body Cream, double props for its consistency. I’m not always a fan of body creams in jars, however, this one is so dense it wouldn’t work in a pump bottle. I do love how you can purchase a refill for this packaging – however, you need so little I can see myself using this for a long, long time.


The Ritual of Happy Buddha collection is available at Rituals, both in-store and online.

  • The Ritual of Happy Buddha Fortune Shower Oil – € 8,50 (200 ml)
  • The Ritual of Happy Buddha Happy Hands Hand Wash – € 9 (300 ml)
  • The Ritual of Happy Buddha Jolly Hand Balm – € 10 (175 ml)
  • The Ritual of Happy Buddha Interior Parfum – € 25 (500 ml)
  • The Ritual of Happy Buddha Buddha Belly Body Cream – € 17,50 or € 15,50 (refill)

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