TRIED & TESTED: Kocostar – Foot Moisture Pack

Talking about TLC from head to toe: time to try Kocostar’s Foot Moisture Pack a.k.a. the first foot mask I have ever tried.

Not gonna lie I’m about as shocked as you are. For someone who tries new things on a daily basis and – if I do say so myself – is pretty beauty-savvy, it was confronting to realise I’ve never tried a proper foot mask.

I swear I don’t have hobbit feet. I’ve just never spent time taking good care of them.

The product

Kocostar’s Foot Moisture Pack is a nifty little sheet mask for your feet. It promises to moisturise, soothe and nourish dry feet in only 20 minutes. You use it once and then toss it.

The review

The Foot Moisture Pack comes in a single-use packaging. It’s airtight, so if stored correctly, it should stay good for a long while. The sachet contains two socks. They’re not the cutest things – they kinda look like they belong in a hospital – but they’re easy to get into and they attach at the top.

The product itself is a clear gel that smells fresh and feels cold on your skin at first. I’ve left this on for the recommended 20 minutes and then took the ‘socks’ off. If you have any leftover, you can massage it into your feet. It’s a nice little extra to complete the pampering experience. My feet felt softer, nourished and overall relaxed.

I was a little hesitant to try this because I thought it would be messy and there would be gel everywhere, but it really was no problem at all. Nothing leaked, and while I provided a buffer blanket to protect the couch from foot mask-induced stains, it really wasn’t necessary.

Overall: If you see this one somewhere: get it! Your feet will love you for it.

The price

Kocostar‘s Foot Moisture Pack is available online (and offline at Ici Paris XL) for € 4-5.

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