TRIED & TESTED: Action – Exfoliating Socks

Sticking to the beauty-things-you-can-do-during-a-lockdown theme here: let’s talk about exfoliating socks!

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The product

Maybe you’ve debated using exfoliating socks before. Maybe you haven’t because – let’s face it – the idea of having your skin slowly peeling off your feet for a couple weeks can be a little vomit-inducing. Nevertheless, I went for it.

I bought this set at Action: my go-to place for questionable but budget-friendly beauty products. It contains one pair of exfoliating socks that promise to instantly remove dead skin from your feet, leaving them ‘silky soft’.

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The review

‘Instant’ is a bit of a lie. You use these by leaving them on your feet for 30 minutes, and then you wait. After a couple of days to a week, you’ll notice the first signs of peeling. Especially right after you’ve taken a shower, skin starts to let go slowly. It’s recommended you take a daily foot bath to speed things up.

It’s a fascinating and disgusting process, really. I took pictures to terrify my sisters in our group chat but decided I wasn’t ready to share any with the outside world. If you’re curious, Google ‘exfoliating socks’ for similar results.

Over the course of 2 to 3 weeks, my feet shredded skin whenever I got out of the shower. Bits of dead skin were found everywhere from the inside of my socks to the floor and the sheets in my bed. It was quite the experience – at one point I wondered when the madness was going to stop. But when it finally did (give it a good 3 weeks), my feet were left noticeably smoother, and indeed: silky soft.

Does it do what it says? Jup. Is it equal parts beautiful and terrifying? Absolutely.

The price

I bought these Exfoliating Socks at Action for € 1,79.

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