HAUL: Italy ’20

Leave it to me to go on a road trip to Italy in September and write a haul post in January of the following year.  So with a little bit of a delay (I mean we’ve said our proper goodbyes to 2020 in the meantime), here  are the beauty bits I bought in Italy last summer.

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I started using Borotalco deodorant last year and while the smell kinda bothers me (why does everything smell like almonds?) it does work really well. I use a roll-on at the moment and was curious to try some other Borotalco products, too. I went for the Borotalco Invisible Deo Stick and the Active Deo Spray – both contain 0% alcohol. Haven’t tried these yet since the roll-on lasts forever, but am looking forward to testing them.

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When visiting Bologna, you drink a lambrusco, eat a tagliatelle al ragù made by the locals and end the day with some yogurt gelato. After, you head over to Sephora and burn off some calories wandering through the isles and finally pick up a product you’ve wanted to try since forever. Once I start going outside and actually wearing make-up again, the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade will be the first thing I’ll use to fill in my brows.

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And while most of the time I just get sachets of orange-y foundations, this time the Sephora sample was a winner. I’ve been putting this Mad Eyes mascara by Guerlain to the test and have really been liking it. A review is coming up!

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On our way home, we made a little stop at Il Centro in Arese. A giant mall – with a very tiny Bath & Body Works store! I’ve been a B&BW fan for ages and usually take a hefty amount of 3-wick candles home with me whenever we travel to the US.  Since that hasn’t been an option lately, I’ve had to look for options closer to home – which in our case means either Poland or Italy. Italy has two stores: one in Milan and one in Arese. And since Arese was only a 15-min detour, well…

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In Europe, the 3-wick candles retail for € 24,90 and there are rarely two-for-one sales, so I couldn’t go as all-out as I wanted to. After careful sniffing with our masks  on (and a lot of disinfecting throughout) – we settled on three candles. This ‘White Birch & Citrus‘ by White Barn smelled warm yet fresh – and also I’m terrible at describing scents so please just focus on the pretty packaging.

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The next one was ‘Gather‘ by Bath & Body Works, which features note of bourbon-glazed apples, maple sugar, creamy vanilla and essential oils. It sounds surprisingly tasty and really just is a warm and lovely winter scent.

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And since our car was already filled up with bottles of wine, we decided to go for ‘Wine Cellar‘ by White Barn as our third and final pick. This one is GOOD.

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And some wallflowers! These are plug-in scent diffusers and are a good buy if you love a scent but don’t want to full-on invest in a 3-wick candle. In close collaboration with my boyfriend (he has to live with the scent too haha) we settles on Bow Ties & Bourbon, White Sand Beaches and Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint.

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And lastly, I got the Wallflower plug that goes with it. I’ve had one of these from the US but have to use a transfer thingy to be able to use it. So I decided to give myself some peace of mind and buy a proper EU-version that actually works on our voltage and won’t fry the wiring in our new house. Hooray!

Thats’ it from me, from Italy. I also have a UK haul coming up (through my sister who kindly braved the Boots beauty aisles on her trip to Scotland, before everything went to shit) so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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