How these last months changed my make-up routine

Long time no see! It’s been a weird year, huh? COVID-19 basically upended our entire lives and took away whichever routines we had going for us. Including the beauty one.

Where we live, the first lockdown started in March. For me and my boyfriend, it meant working from home (together!) for the first time in years. And also, living in cotton and stretchy materials 24/7. While we embraced the sweatpants life, I decided to ditch the make-up as well – and loved not having to wake up early to apply it in the morning or having to wash it off at night.

But as you probably know, I do like my make-up. While I don’t wear it when I don’t see anyone all day, I did always wear it to work or whenever I’d see people for a longer time. With everything that happened over the last couple of months – and the bare face that came with it – I feel like I’ve grown a lot more accustomed to my face without make-up.

That may sound weird, and at first, it did feel weird too. But now I’ve reached that level where I feel like my face looks strange when I’m in a full layer of make-up – foundation, powder, the works. So whenever I feel like getting fancy and applying make-up these days, I only use three products before I walk out the door.

I’ve become a lot more accepting of my skin – and it seems to agree with this way of working. While I still definitely have breakouts and small spots from time to time, it seems to have settled into these new ways. So now, I generally skip the foundation, concealer and powder. Have to admit: I kinda love that I don’t have to worry about things like foundations stains or streaks on clothing.

So while my skin has definitely improved, my brows stayed their same sad selves. Which is why I still like to fill them in (using Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Powder duo at the moment) and set them in place with Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Clear Brow Gel. I then apply some mascara (currently trying a petite sample of Guerlain’s Mad Eyes mascara – more on that soon!) and am pretty much good to go. The whole thing takes me less than 10 minutes and I kinda love it.

So that’s how my make-up routine has changed over the past couple of months. Beauty-wise, I’ve done some experiments as well. I’ve tried washing my hair less to stop it from getting greasy so quickly (blog post is coming but spoiler alert it wasn’t pretty), I’ve been transitioning from a blonde to a brunette balayage (also coming up!) and I’ve recently started using a Philips Lumea at home. So while things have been super quiet around here, I promise I’m working on some good content behind the scenes.

Hope you’re all doing well & staying safe.

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