TRIED & TESTED: Kneipp – Beauty Geheim

New year, new blog posts! Who’s ready for a review of Kneipp’s new ‘Beauty Geheim‘ range? (It’s coming whether you like it or not.)

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The product

Kneipp has recently introduced their Beauty Geheim (‘Beauty Secret’) collection. The range includes a skin oil, a bath oil, a shower oil, a sugar & oil scrub, a body cream, a shower foam and a body lotion. The scent has notes of argan, marula, olive and miracle tree (which – as a Google says – is fancy talk for moringa), resulting in a soft and sweet fragrance. All formulas contain antioxidants, minerals and natural oils and are suitable for all skin types.

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The review

Kneipp shower foams have been a favourite of mine for years now – and will be for many to come. This one is as wonderfully luxurious as the other ones but comes with that soft argan scent. I love love love this and am always look forward to having one of these in my shower. Get yourself one and thank me later.

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Up first: the Kneipp Beauty Geheim Body Lotion. For a lotion, it’s a pretty thick consistency, but I can see why – it’s packed with natural oils and promises to be super nourishing.

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The product applies easily and despite it begin based on oils, doesn’t feel too greasy on the skin. A great lotion if you’ve got dry legs, arms or elbows come wintertime.

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I’m not big on body scrubs, but the scent of this Beauty Geheim Body Scrub lured me in any way. I used this in the shower and felt like I needed a looot of product to cover my skin. I, however, was mistaken and once this one melted into a looot of oil, everything got reaaal greasy/slippery reaaaal quick.

Not the product’s fault. It literally has ‘oil’ in the name.

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The oil incident aside, this did exfoliate and nourish my skin quite well. There was no need to follow up with lotion and my legs felt silky smooth!

The price

Kneipp’s Beauty Geheim range is available at most drugstores. Prices are the following:

  • Beauty Geheim Badolie (100 ml) – € 9,99
  • Beauty Geheim Huidolie (100 ml) – € 8,99
  • Beauty Geheim Doucheolie (200 ml) – € 6,49
  • Beauty Geheim Sugar & Oil Scrub (220 gr) – € 9,99
  • Beauty Geheim Body Crème (200 ml) – € 9,99
  • Beauty Geheim Douche Foam (200 ml) – € 8,49
  • Beauty Geheim Body Lotion (200 ml) – € 9,49

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