TRIED & TESTED: Kneipp – Clear Mind & Be Happy Shower Gels

Things have been hectic @ himartine HQ. I’ve moved house and pretty much all my products are packed away somewhere. I’ve been looking through boxes to find anything from primer to dry shampoo but was lucky enough to stumble upon these shower gels by Kneipp. They promise to provide a clear mind and a moment of happiness – making them exactly what I was looking for.

The product

Kneipp recently launched these two brand new shower gels with the uplifting names ‘Be happy‘ and ‘Clear mind‘. It’s the brand’s take on being more mindful in your everyday moments – and they hope to improve much-needed me-time with these new, plant-based shower products. Both gels come in bottles made from recycled plastic.

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The review

I’m a big fan of Kneipp shower products – their shower foams are to die for. But ‘Be happy’ and ‘Clear mind’ were the first gel products I tried from the brand. It feels less luxurious but gets the job done. They lather and rinse well, and leave your skin slightly scented.

Scent-wise, I think these are love-it or hate-it. Personally, I like them. They’re not your run-of-the-mill fragrances and, especially with ‘Be happy’, I find them uplifting. My boyfriend, however, is not the biggest fan. Hence, it might be a good idea to sniff before you buy.

The price

Kneipp Shower Gels in ‘Be happy‘ and ‘Clear mind‘ are available at the drugstore for € 6,99 (250 ml).

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