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Beautygloss’s Mascha recently released a video showing that blister patches can help you get rid of pimples. Nothing new under the sun there, but a lot of people – including me – had never heard of this trick. And while everyone was cutting up expensive blister patches, these affordable little anti-spot patches by Alvira were waiting for us at Action.

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The product

The reason why blister bandages will quickly and safely deflate annoying pimples, is because they are hydrocolloid patches. In the presence of water, it forms a gel that is used to treat wounds – like blisters, but spots, too.

These by Alvira (by Action) come in a two sizes – depending on how large your spots are. They are said to be efficient, hygienic and unobtrusive. But are they effective?

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The review

I like that you don’t need to cut up blister patches for this to work. These come in convenient sizes and they are wrapped hygienically – until you open the packaging, because then they’re exposed to air and they will dry out eventually.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried these on a few pimples and they do seem to work a little. Unfortunately (well, sort of) I don’t have those big pimples that are easy to pop, because these would work wonders on those. I’ve seen pictures (sorry) where they’ve just sucked everything out – so you don’t need to use your dirty fingernails and damage your skin.

For the tinier spots I have, however, these have minimal effect. They help a little but don’t get rid of them completely. I went a little hype-crazy and bought three packs of these, but I probably won’t end up using them all.

The price

Alvira Anti-Spot Patches are available at Action for € 0,89.

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