TRIED & TESTED: Glossier – Lidstars

Glossier Lid Stars | Lid Star | Beauty Review |

As you probably know if you’ve read my recent Glossier haul, I picked up two of the brand’s first-ever eyeshadows: the Lidstars. Time for a review!


The product

Glossier describes their Lidstars as ‘glistening eye glows’ – while they’re technically still eye shadows, they’re said to be ‘less shadow, more glow‘. Points to their copywriter, because that alone got me interested.


Glossier Lidstar comes in six shades that are more subtle than they are bright. As I’m more of a Glossier-girl than a Glossier Play-girl, that seemed right up my alley. The formula promises to be ‘buttery‘ and ‘blendable‘ and will dry down as a sheer veil that’ll last all day.


I purchased two shades: ‘Cub‘, a warm rose gold, and ‘Moon‘, a nude shimmer shade. While Glossier has recently been the subject of commotion because of their not-so-eco-friendly pink pouches, I’m happy to see the product comes packaged using cardboard only. (Also, they’ve recently added the online option that you can indicate you don’t want a pink pouch added to your order. Hurray!)


The review

Glossier Lidstars are supposed to be easy peasy. You dab ’em onto your eyelids using your finger and that’s about it, really. I find the ease of application a big plus – especially when traveling. It means I don’t have to subject my trusty 217 to being crushed in that ever-overflowing make-up bag.


Swatched, these shades look beautiful. Both ‘Cub’ and ‘Moon’ have gorgeous pigment and shine and they do blend like a dream.


Depending on how the light hits your skin, it exudes a more refined, opalescent vibe. Promising!


However, I feel like the pigment doesn’t transfer to my eyelids that well. It’s a very – almost too – subtle look, and I find that if I add more layers, the product tends to crease. If you’re willing to add an eyeshadow primer underneath, these will pop a little more, but if you’re into the one-step ease that these promised, they might leave you feeling a tad underwhelmed.

The price

Glossier’s Lidstars retail for € 18 (4,5 ml) – or buy a Lidstar Duo for € 30 and save yourself € 6.

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