MASK MONDAY: Collistar – S.O.S. Moisturizing Hydro-Mask

Collistar | S.O.S. Moisturizing Hydro-Mask | Skincare |

It all starts with a good base. Hence, when I’m looking for a good face mask, I want a product that works. Is Collistar’s S.O.S. Moisturizing Hydro-Mask up for the job? Read on to find out.


Hello, hydration: Collistar’s S.O.S. Moisturizing Hydro-Mask (a.k.a. Hydro-Maschera S.O.S. Idratazione) targets those with dry, flaky and parched skin. Quick disclaimer: I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and dry areas on my cheeks. My T-zone isn’t exactly screaming for hydration, but my cheeks are definitely up for it. I’ve tried this product on my entire face for the sake of it, but it’s a good option if you’ve got skin like mine and are into multi-masking.


But what’s in that pretty-in-pink bottle? A formula infused with Collistar’s exclusive Idro-Attiva Complex and extracts of Italian peony, promising deep hydration that lasts up to to 72 hours. Not bad.



I know I normally include a selfie of the product on my face, but since this was a clear gel and it was not my brightest morning, the picture ended up officially being TUTP (too ugly to post). Mi scusi. Hence, here’s the ingredient list to make up for it.

I applied this gel-like formula to my face and left it on for a solid 10 minutes, as the packaging instructs. I noticed while using it that you don’t need a lot of product to make a difference: a thin layer really is enough. It’s better, even, because my skin doesn’t absorb this product completely. You can wash this off if you want, or you can use it sparingly as an overnight mask (but: sticky pillowcases alert). After using this a few times, I can definitely see some difference in my dry cheeks. I love the fact that you can use it overnight, making the ideal lazzzzy night-time pamper session.

Pricing & Availability

Collistar’s S.O.S. Moisturizing Hydro-Mask retails for € 29,95 (75 ml) – a fair price for the quality, if you ask me.

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