TRIED & TESTED: Glossier – Solution

The launch of Glossier’s Solution faced two problems: 1. Everybody wanted it. 2. Nobody could get their hands on it. But with stock problems (hopefully) being a thing of the past, I was excited to see if this could be the solution for my skin.


Hi, have you met my skin? It’s not easily annoyed but the T-zone gets oily and the cheeks tend to get dry patches. I also tend to pick at things, meaning I deal with discolourations and acne scarring throughout. Ah, I love me.


Since physical exfoliators can be too harsh for some skin types, Glossier launched a chemical one. It’s not as creepy as it sounds and can actually benefit skin in a much more gentle way. Glossier’s Solution features a 10% blend of three types of acids, targeted to get your skin smooth, soft and glowy in no-time.


Let’s talk ABCs. AHAs gently but effectively combat dead skin cells, leaving skin visibly smoother and softer. BHAs reduce the appearance of discolourations and acne scarring and brighten the skin. And lastly, PHAs are similar in function to AHAs, but are much more caring – ideal for sensitive skin types.


With a mix that is meant to exfoliate and brighten, I expected great things from Glossier’s Solution. The formulation basically sounds like a dream. Ready for a glow-up? Apply Solution with a cotton pad onto clean skin (avoid the eye area!) once a day and watch as smoother, softer skin reveals itself. Or so it says.


What I love about Solution? The thought of an ‘exfoliating skin perfector‘ sparked my interest. I’ve tried skincare by Glossier before and despite the fact that I didn’t love-love it, it was good. This, however, sounded right up my alley. Plus, the packaging is pretty darn cute.

But that’s about it. Glossier’s Solution wasn’t the solution for me. First, I was disappointed to see how little product you actually get for € 22. I’m aware chemical exfoliators don’t come cheap, but since you’re supposed to use this on a daily basis, it adds up quickly. And when you’re like me and you don’t see any visible results, It’s basically money down the drain.

I applied Solution to clean skin every night for a month. Like most chemical exfoliators, it can sting in some places and it did, but I didn’t mind. It did, however, smell bad. It got to the point where my boyfriend asked me what on earth I put on my face because it smelled like dirt. Not what you expect out of a millennial pink bottle. On top of that, it really just didn’t do anything for my skin. The size of my pores didn’t reduce, my fine lines weren’t less visible, my skin didn’t look any smoother and my discolourations weren’t brightened. Overall, a really big meh.


I don’t expect miracles form most skin care products, but with a claim that ‘7 out of 10 people said skin looked transformed‘ I was hoping to see some results. It’s a no for me.

Pricing & Availabilty

Solution is available at Glossier (both in store and online) for € 22/$ 24 (130 ml).

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