MASK MONDAY: Collistar – Nero Sublime Black Precious Mask

It all starts with a good base. Hence, when I’m looking for a good face mask, I want a product that works. Is Collistar’s Nero Sublime Black Precious Mask up for the job? Read on to find out.


We’re going back to black today with Collistar’s Nero Sublime Black Precious Mask (Maschera Preziosa Nero Sublime if you’re feeling fancy/are in the mood for parmigiano) – a mask that is targeted to brighten and repair, with the aim to make skin feel regenerated and look more youthful overall. Since I’ve recently reached the blessed age of 26 (does having to pay extra for your health insurance mean you are getting older – like, for real?), me and my first official old-age-induced wrinkle decide to give this one a go.


This Black Precious Mask combines black clay and bamboo charcoal to provide a pampering formula – a match made in detox heaven. This thick, black cream comes in a glass jar (which feels luxe, but does let air in with every use thus makes your product expire more quickly) and you get a nifty applicator, too. I’ve used foundation brushes to apply masks before: it’s an extra step that most of the time does absolutely nothing but make you feel posh. However, I’m a fan of this one: the silicone tip makes it easy to clean and you don’t need to dip your fingers in the actual product. A plus!



Upon application, the mask feels fresh and comfortable. Clay-based formulas often leave my skin feeling itchy and tight upon drying, but this one felt like a dream throughout. It does take me a while to rinse this off completely (and not gonna lie: there are tiny black stains all over the bathroom), but it’s so worth it. My skin feels soft and more calm – impressively so. Guess this new detox trend is finally paying off.

Pricing & Availability

The Nero Sublime Black Precious Mask retails for € 71,99 (50 ml).

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