TRIED & TESTED: Kneipp – Cosy Moment

Looking for an indulging bath? With Kneipp’s new ‘Cosy Moment‘ range, you’re in good company.


I’m all for having a good bath. Give me anything by Lush and I’ll be sure to soak in the tub till my fingers get wrinklier then my dog’s face (she’s a pug – do the math). But lately, I’ve been enjoying adding some Kneipp to my bath.


Kneipp’s ‘Cosy Moment‘ range features indulging formulas and a comforting perfume. Notes of macadamia nut and spicy star anise make this a warm scent, that is quickly transformed by hints of orange. It’s unlike anything you can find at the drugstore – it smells much more luxurious.


There are four products in this line: a shower cream, a bath cream, a body lotion and a scented candle. Kneipp’s Cosy Moment Crème Douche is a creamy body wash that feels gentle on the skin and leaves me feeling clean, but not in a squeaky-clean way. The Cosy Moment Crème Bad gives your bath water a milky finish and produces some nice bubbles when you put some work in it.


Kneipp’s been launching a lot of body foams lately, but for their ‘Cosy Moment’ line, the brand decided to go for a classic body lotion. Kneipp’s Cosy Moment Body Lotion isn’t as firm as a body butter and applies well, but does need some time to sink into the skin. Afterwards, my legs feel soft and stay that way for at least three days.


Pricing & Availability

Kneipp’s ‘Cosy Moment’ range is available at the drugstore and some supermarkets.

  • Kneipp’s Cosy Moment Crème Douche (200 ml) – € 5,99
  • Kneipp’s Cosy Moment Crème Bad (400 ml) – € 9,49
  • Kneipp’s Cosy Moment Body Lotion (200 ml) – € 9,49
  • Kneipp’s Cosy Moment Scented Candle (145 gr) – € 7,99

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