2019: have you ever wondered…

… what happens at the end of your comfort zone? It’s been all that’s on my mind lately. This blog started it all. After years of wanting one but feeling too shy to take the plunge, I discovered that living life outside that comfort zone ain’t all that bad.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve enjoyed writing almost 200 posts. I’ve loved trying new products, sharing the ones I liked or even adored, getting that one sentence right after struggling to find the words and having a feeling of accomplishment when my pictures ended up slightly more Pinterest than Pinterest-fail.

For 2019, I’ve made the resolution to be bigger and better. This year will be another year of change for me. For the past few months, I’ve enjoyed returning to my roots as an online editor. Right now, I’m looking forward to starting something new and exciting.

And by switching it all up, I’ve decided to make some changes for himartine.com, too. Though I’ve loved the idea of being a Dutch beauty blog like the ones I obsessed over in 2007, I’m taking a slightly different route.

From this day onward – and until you get bored of it – I’ll be writing these posts and reviews in English. Though some might still be in Dutch (still working on some Belgian Beauty Talks, y’all), English will be himartine.com’s shiny new thing for 2019.

Stick with me through it all?

Until next time,


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