REVIEW: Nivea – Natural Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

After the launch of last year’s micellar shampoos, Nivea haircare has sparked my interest. I was excited to receive Nivea’s newest addition to the range: the Hairmilk Natural Shine shampoo and conditioner.


Nivea’s Hairmilk is nothing new: the brand has previously used it in a detangling spray that I’ve tried and loved last year. The formule makes its grand return in the Natural Shine duo that is supposed to work wonders for people with dry and dull hair. Like me.


The shampoo and conditioner has an extremely hydrating formula that contains silk proteins. It promises to make your shine – but since plenty of shampoos and conditioners out there make the exact same promise without delivering any result, I’m not getting my hopes up.


The verdict? I like how the packaging is both beautiful and practical. Even the shampoo itself is pretty: it’s light and has a silver sparkle to it, making it look as soft as it feels. The conditioner is white and not that firm, making it easy to apply through the ends of your hair. If you’re like me and have dull and thin hair (lucky us!), you’ll probably want to be careful not to apply too much of these products. When I overuse even the slightest bit, I find that my hair gets too heavy and even slightly greasy – which is not the natural shine I’m aiming for. If used sparingly, this is a nice duo for regular use that cleanses your hair in a soft yet effective way.

Pricing & Availability

Nivea‘s Hairmilk Natural Shine shampoo retails for € 3,39 (250 ml), the conditioner sells for € 3,39 (200 ml). You can find Nivea at the drugstore, most supermarkets and online.

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