REVIEW: Nivea – ‘Have a Great Hair Day!’ 3-in-1 Dry Shampoos

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from keeping track of all my empties over the past year, it’s that I’m officially using too much of Batiste’s dry shampoo. Call an intervention (HIMYM-style!), because I’m addicted. Until now, I’ve never found another dry shampoo that gives me a similar effect, but things may be about to change. Rock my world, Nivea.


Haaave you met… these ‘Have a great hair day!‘ (cute!) 3-in-1 dry shampoos by Nivea? These new additions to the Nivea range promise to refresh and add volume without leaving any residue. Sounds promising.


Just like Batiste, Nivea has come out with a dry shampoo especially for dark hair. The product has a dark brown tint to it that is supposed to cancel out any white cast that regular dry shampoos can cause. There’s also a version for light hair that just comes in the classic white shade – so proceed with caution.


You just use these as you would any other dry shampoo: spray on your roots from approximately 30 cm, leave it for a minute and then massage it in and brush it through. Small tip: use this product in small layers, especially when using a dry shampoo that you haven’t tried before. You can always add a little more, but you can only get rid of that horrid white cast by washing your hair – and that’s what we’re trying to avoid here.


Lo and behold my greasy hair on the left. In the middle, I’ve applied the Nivea 3-in-1 dry shampoo for light hair and I’ve blatantly ignored my own layering-rule and applied too much. However, as you can see on the right, that’s not a problem with this dry shampoo. I was able to brush it all out so it left my hair fresh and clean without any white cast. Consider me impressed.


I also tried the dry shampoo for dark hair. It works well: all oiliness is absorbed instantly and my hair does look a lot cleaner. One downside to using a coloured dry shampoo, however, (and I’ve also noticed this when using the coloured one by Batiste) is that the colour does transfer. I only need to scratch my head once (hard thinking an all, you know) for dark lines to appear under my fingernails. Not so cute, huh.

Pricing & Availability

If you’re looking for a more budget friendly alternative to Batiste’s dry shampoos, you’re not in luck. Priced at € 5,29 a bottle, these Nivea dry shampoos are slightly more expensive than the Batiste ones. The good thing about Nivea, however, is that they regularly do some good promotions. If you pay attention during your next drugstore or supermarket visit, you might be in luck after all. You can also buy them both online (light and dark).

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