REVIEW: Nivea – Sunshine Love Caring shower gel

Although I’m pretty much sold when it comes to foaming shower mousse, a good old shower gel can be a lot more refreshing when the warmer weather comes around. When said shower gel happens to be totally in theme, like this sunny showstopper by Nivea, you can consider me intrigued.


Nivea’s Sunshine Love Caring Shower Gel is one that you’ll happily pack when heading abroad or one that should be a #staycation staple in your shower. This happy bottle comes in a super sunny shade and has the surprising trait that it smells a 100% like sunscreen – which isn’t as weird as it sounds.


Like it or not: that typical smell swiftly transports you to some of the sunniest places you’ve ever been. After one shower with the Sunshine Love shower gel, I can imagine sitting on Curacao’s white sandy beaches – unfortunately without an ice cold mojito in hand. The product’s pleasant, frothy formula and its original scent, however, completely makes up for that. Consider me sold.

Prices & Availability

De Sunshine Love douchegel van Nivea Sun koop je voor € 2,99 (250 ml). Nivea is verkrijgbaar bij de drogist en bij de meeste supermarkten.

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