REVIEW: Nivea – Q10 Body Lotions

Without a doubt, you’ve heard of anti-aging products for the face – maybe you’ve even started using some already. But anti-age for the body? That’s often a road less travelled. Nivea puts its own spin on the concept with their new body lotions that are enriched with miracle worker Q10.


If you’re starting to notice those first (or second!) signs of aging, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Q10. The ingrediënt is often found in skincare that prevents wrinkles or fine lines. The co-enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from damage caused by UV-rays. On top of that, it hydrates the skin and aims to keep it plump and looking fresh. Nivea added Q10 to two of their new body lotions: one that is firming and one that leaves you feeling ultimately refreshed.


Nivea’s Q10 Light Firming body lotion is meant for normal skin and contains vitamin C. In just ten days, skin is supposed to feel more firm and its elasticity should improve. My skin (thankfully) hasn’t shown many signs of aging yet, so I can’t say anything about its anti-aging properties. It is, however, very light, soft and it melts into my skin almost instantly.


Ever feel like your legs are made of stone? Then this firming body lotion with ‘fresh effect‘ might be the one for you. Its formula is enriched with Q10 and menthol, causing it to feel light and fresh upon application. A must for sultry summer days.


Prices & Availability

Nivea’s Q10 Light Firming body lotion is € 7,89 (400 ml), the Fresh Effect firming body lotion is € 7,89 (200 ml). Nivea can be found at most drugstores and some supermarkets.

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