REVIEW: Nivea – Mix Me creams

Most people have had a jar of the iconic Nivea Soft at some point in their lives. The thick, white cream is loved all over the world. Today, Nivea decided to add some fragrance to its classic formula, giving it a new and innovative twist.


New to the family are three scented versions of the classic Soft cream. The Mix Me creams by Nivea are sold in three varieties: Chilled Oasis, Berry Charming and Happy Exotic. The fun part? You can mix and match them as much as you want. DIY beauty, anyone?


Scent layering, but using body lotion. Chilled Oasis, the green one, smells fresh and natural. The pink pot, Berry Charming, smells super sweet and fruity. Happy Exotic, the yellow container, has a tropical scent and smells a lot like pineapple. It’s only the packaging that comes in these happy shades: the product itself remains white like the classic Nivea Soft.


My favourite combination? Berry Charming layered with the classic Nivea Soft, to tone down the perfume just a bit. When mixing Berry Charming and Happy Exotic, you end up with a super fruity aroma. Happy Exotic paired with Chilled oasis results in a calm, natural scent. Combining three (or four!) scents is, naturally, also an option – it’s completely up to you.

NIVEA Soft Mix Me Range.png

Pricing & Availability

The Nivea Mix Me creams are for sale at most drugstores and some supermarkets for € 3,49 (100 ml).

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