REVIEW: Nivea – Micellar Shampoos

While Nivea is about as old school as beauty brands get, the label doesn’t shy from showing its innovative spirit. The brand has come a long way since launching its iconic blue tin and doesn’t hesitate to surprise us with brand-spankin’ new products every once in a while.

As I’ve recently talked about the Q10 plus C-line and the 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask (spoiler: it’s good), today’s blog post focusses solely on haircare. To be more specific: we’re talking shampoo – the micellar kind. Sounds interesting, right?

I’m a big fan of all things micellar – from the Bioderma H20 to infused cleansing wipes. Call it micellar, and there’s about a 99% chance I’ll apply it to my face. But a micellar shampoo was something completely new to me – until I received a little blue box in that same iconic shade and it contained this duo.

The products, as you can see, are NEW to the Nivea range. I like the minimalistic and sleek packaging, that, thanks to the bright and colourful touches, is anything but boring. A big plus is the bottles’ nifty lid. Getting the right amount is super easy, and when you’ve almost finished your bottle, you can get the remaining product out quickly by storing the bottle upside down.


The ‘Purifying’ formula, infused with lemon extracts,  is supposed to work wonders for normal to greasy hair. The ‘Comforting’ shampoo’s essence of waterlily promises to gently cleanse fragile hair while soothing the sensitive scalp. Where micelles used to cleanse your skin only, your hair can now profit from these little miracle workers, too. The shampoo promises to work like a magnet while removing dirt, product build-up and dead skin from your hair. I’m pretty pleased with the shamoos: they’re light, work up a nice lather and rinse out well, while leaving my hair soft and clean. And even while I’m stuck with hair that gets greasy almost instantly, the ‘Comforting’ one is my favourite – it seems to leave my hair just a little bit softer.

For those interested: the ingredients. The Nivea Purifying Micellar Shampoo and the Comforting Micellar Shampoo are for sale now! Get yours at Kruidvat for € 4,99 (400 ml) and join me in praying to the drugstore gods that a travel size is coming soon. You can also shop both the Purifying and the Comforting formulas online.

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This blog post contains products I’ve received from brands/PR companies – without any further obligation. My humble opinion is, naturally, completely my own.


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